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Competition subject
Guard life with technology

Design a futuristic and conceptual intelligent road emergency equipment

Uses the infinite black technology to open the life rescue channel to lead the new trend of the industry design

1.Scene of application

Site road damage, slope collapse, bridge damage, tunnel collapse, and road blockage that are caused by earthquake, landslide, mudslides and other natural disasters and are difficult to repair;

Accident and disaster scene of fire, mine and hazardous chemicals safety production, for which rescue is difficult to be provided and it is urgent to pave temporary rescue roads quickly.

2.Design requirements:

It is required to apply 5G technology to reflect the elements of intelligence, and reflect the novelty, uniqueness and aesthetics for the whole machine designed to pave temporary rescue roads quickly.

3.Delivery of works:

A conceptual equipment, multi-angle two-dimensional and three-dimensional design drawings in JPG format, appearance modeling three-dimensional demonstration video in MP4 format , and physical model of conceptual equipment (if conditions permit).


Design an intelligent geological disaster rescue equipment

Provide the most powerful protection for the safety of human life, and lead the development of high-end rescue equipment in a new era

1.Scene of application

In the case of road damage and blockage or collapse of large buildings caused by earthquake, landslide, mudslides and other large geological disasters, the vehicle can quickly arrive at the scene and meet the needs of a variety of rescue conditions to rescue trapped people.

2.Design requirements:

Through modular structure design and rapid switching device research, the whole vehicle embodies the characteristics of multifunctional modularization intelligent operation, adaptability to complex sites, as well as high efficiency and practicality.

3.Delivery of works:

A high-performance geological disaster rescue vehicle, it requires to submit the layout diagram, 3D model and technical parameters description of the whole machine.

Functions: The vehicle can run all over the ground, which has 5 of the following functions including traction, shearing, shoveling, hammering, snatching, lifting, clearing, dismantling, detection, searching, lighting, etc. and can be switched in an intelligent, quick and efficient manner.

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Notes for registration:

You may get the preliminary promotion after answering the questions in the preliminary round.

After completing the registration form, please click “Submit” to register successfully.

The information of works cannot be modified once submitted, and the organizing committee and the judges have the right to adjust the competing category of the works according to the competition rules and the actual situation of the works.

Judges of different nationalities will use English as the common language for judging, please pay attention to the accuracy of translation.

Please keep the contact information of the applicant open and effective during the event to avoid missing important information.

For successful online declaration, it is recommended to use Chrome and Safari browsers.

Related statement

1、Registration fee and review fee are waived for this competition, and the transportation expenses of the finalists and their expenses for board and lodging during the competition in Xuzhou will be borne by XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. 

2、The prize money for this competition is the pre-tax amount, and XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. will withhold and remit tax for the winners according to law.

3、The participants must ensure that the works are designed by themselves (the team), without such problems as imitation, plagiarism or intellectual property disputes.

4、The participants, instead of the sponsors, shall be responsible for any disputes over intellectual property rights or trade secrets arising from plagiarism or plagiarism of others’ works; meanwhile, the sponsors reserve the right to disqualify the participants and withdraw the relevant awards. 

5、The sponsors shall enjoy the rights and interests to display and publish all the works,  or publicize them in other forms. 

6、The sponsors shall duly formulate and announce the specific requirements, rules and arrangements for the competition, and shall also reserve the right of final interpretation. 


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