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Welcome to Participate in the X Creators Challenge Competition—2021
X Creators Challenge Competition·2021works collection has been launched, please sign up during December 20, 2020 to May 20, 2021, Beijing time.

Notes for registration:
1.You may get the preliminary promotion after answering the questions in the preliminary round.
2.After completing the registration form, please click “Submit” to register successfully.
3.The information of works cannot be modified once submitted, and the organizing committee and the judges have the right to adjust the competing category of the works according to the competition rules and the actual situation of the works.
4.Judges of different nationalities will use English as the common language for judging, please pay attention to the accuracy of translation.
5. Please keep the contact information of the applicant open and effective during the event to avoid missing important information.
6.For successful online declaration, it is recommended to use Chrome and Safari browsers.

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