About the competition
About XCMG “X-Creators Challenge Competition”
About competition

Since 2016, “XCMG Cup” Green Product Innovation Design Competition has been the most important part of XCMG’s global precision public welfare programs. Up to now, the international public welfare brand competition held every two years has radiated 19 countries around the world, which has also inspired the innovation and creativity of young people around the world, and continuously promoted the construction of engineering machinery innovation ecology. 

In 2020, XCMG has upgraded the green product innovation design competition to XCMG “X Creators" Challenge Competition. 

Brand interpretation

“X Creators" Challenge Competition is the continuation and upgrade of the “XCMG Cup"Green Product Innovation Design Competition

“X-Creators Challenge Competition”

“X Creators" Challenge Competition collects works from all over the world, and aims to integrate global wisdom and resources to build a maker space integrated with knowledge, technology  and talents, and build a global open integrated innovation platform to attract more groups, especially young talents, to be devoted to China’s equipment manufacturing, thereby leading the construction machinery industry to quickly upgrade to high-end orientation, intelligence, collaboration, platform and greenization to achieve higher quality and more sustainable development and contribute wisdom and strength to the strategic goal of reaching the summit of Mount Qomolangma. 

Competition process
Value of participation
Targeted cooperation
Targeted cooperation
For the university or company where the first prize winner comes from, in-depth industry-university-research cooperation or project cooperation can be carried out.
Interview express pass
Interview express pass
The interview express pass of joining XCMG may be issued to excellent candidates during the national selection.
Employment express pass
Employment express pass
The employment express pass of joining XCMG may be issued to the extraordinary outstanding award winners (exceptive admission)
Chairman’s Scholarship
Chairman’s Scholarship
In addition to winning the money award, the students will also additionally get the quota of chairman’s scholarship.
Industrial transformation fund pool
Industrial transformation fund pool
A 10 million industrial transformation fund pool may be established for further research on the design results, which will become an innovation accelerator to turn ideas into entities.
About the Competition
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