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There are nearly 3,000 works submitted this year, all of which are excellent works. Just as we discussed, they have exhibited the core of this competition—Design Intelligence.
Liu Guanzhong
One of the first senior professors of liberal arts, and doctoral supervisor of Tsinghua University, director of the Design strategy and Prototype innovation Institute, Art and Science Research Center, Tsinghua University, as well as chairman of the jury of China Dragon Design Foundation Award
Zhu Sendi
Member of the National Manufacturing Strategy Advisory Committee, director of the Intelligent Manufacturing Expert Consultation Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, counselor and honorary director of expert committee of China Federation of Machinery Industry
From the award-winning projects, I saw the future of China as well as the creativity of our students. I also find the future of China’s manufacturing industry, and there is no doubt that China will develop from a manufacturing country to a manufacturing power.
Chen Dongliang
Executive chairman of China Red Star Design Award CommitteeVice president of China Industrial Design Association
The contestants have showed us a lot of green innovation design concepts. It is precisely because of the unremitting efforts of these outstanding young talents and the persistent spirit of the courage to pursue innovation that we are fortunate to enjoy such a perfect feast of innovation in the field of construction machinery.
Chen Guoqiang
Yanshan University College of Arts&Design Dean
“XCMG Cup” Green Innovation Design Competition has been bound to take place since its launch. It is not an ordinary competition, but a green touchstone of “Internet + cloud technology + manufacturing” transformation. The slogan “Gathering at the cloud end platform, XCMG invites you to change the world” reflects XCMG’s boldness, courage and determination to take risks and to innovate.
Guan Ming
Chief executive officer of Jiangsu Province Industrial Design Association Secretary general
With the release of topics to the world through the Internet, online and offline linkage, as well as attraction of people of insight from the world to solve difficult problems, “XCMG Green Innovation Competition” has allowed me to see the significant changes in XCMG’s design concept as an old state-owned enterprise. As the competition is held, XCMG will become a gathering place for the collision of thoughts and inspirations of young people from all over the world, and a wise and innovative XCMG will be more and more determined on the world-class journey.
Hou Dewei
School of Mechatronic Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology Deputy Secretary of CPC
XCMG is a shining name card for Chinese construction machinery industry to go to the world. XCMG has taken the initiative to assume corporate social responsibilities while making its main business bigger and stronger, and it has created a new image and new benchmark for a national brand enterprises with practical actions. The green innovation competition will effectively promote green transformation and upgrading of the entire construction machinery industry, and lead the industry to develop in a green, healthy and sustainable manner.
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Guard Life with Technology Explore the Future with Wisdom
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